STAR LINE by Pure Paws


Available in:  16oz                       1 Gallon

Star Line Factor Zero Shampoo is highly recommended to bring the coat back to zero. It removes all products and adjusts the coat back to its neutral state. Factor Zero contains several hydrating and moisturizing ingredients such as Panthenol and Allantoin while other ingredients such as Vitamin E and Citric acid help to prevent skin damage and keep bacteria from growing. Use Factor Zero as a first shampoo and follow up with the appropriate shampoo product for the coat type. This shampoo is a must for cleansing the coat after a show to remove all products from the coat. 



Available in:  16oz                       1 Gallon
The Brightening Shampoo designed to provide a deep clean while removing product build up. Optical brighteners help enhance dark colors and brighten whites

  • Optical Brightening
  • Cleansing Agents
  • Enhances dark colors & Brightens whites Deep cleans Without Stripping the coat


The Star Line No Rinse Shampoo is designed to allow for quick clean ups of the coat.  It works by having an active ingredient that captures odors on contact and eliminates them by changing their molecular structures.   It does not mask or cover up odors, it eliminates them.

  • Optical Brighteners
  • Amphoric Surfactant
  • Lubricants
  • Odor Eliminator

Enhance White Colors by Reflecting Blue Light Mild Cleansing Agent Provide soothing effect on skin. Avoid Irritation and Dryness. Encapsulate  and Destroy Unwanted Odors



Available in:  8oz                       1/2 Gallon
Our Pure Care Ultra Finishing Show Spray is the final step in achieving that polished "Show Look." This light conditioning spray is formulated with hydrating agents to fight static and give the coat a healthy finished luster. Use this spray to brush through coats for maintenance, or for static control for the show ring. It can also be sprayed on a wet coat as a leave in conditioner and dried into the coat for a smoother shiny finish. Although this product has been specially blended and balanced to be used directly in this concentration, the product can be diluted for a lighter spray if needed.

  • The Show Spray is safe for both puppies and dogs.
  • This spray will not weight the coat down.
  • The perfect static control for the show ring.
  • Will give the coat a healthy finished luster.



The silk cream should be left in the coat for 2-3 minutes for optimal results, then rinsed out.

For a more intense conditioning treatment use as a hot oil. Apply conditioner to coat and cover the coat with a towel, leave in 10 minutes while under a dryer. (ALWAYS CHECK TEMPERATURE), Rinse.

*Improves texture
*Reduces tangles
*Adds shine
*No build up
Our Pure Care No Rinse Colorless Shampoo says it all. This shampoo is designed to help cleanse your dog without the need to rinse. And with no added color there is no need to worry about our shampoo depositing any pigment into your dog's coat. This product also contains an odor inhibitor which helps to remove unflattering smells form your little furry companion. This product is perfect for any coat type. For best results with this shampoo, we suggest spritzing your dog with the product, towel drying and following with a blow dryer. Take note however that this product can be used in conjunction with a water rinse. Always take precaution when grooming your dog to avoid getting any shampoo into the dog's eyes.

Try the following items in this fabulous new Star Line Travel Kit:
4oz Factor 0
4oz Brightening Shampoo
4oz Finishing Spray
2oz Silk Cream


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