H2O LINE by Pure Paws







Passion Flower
Extract Nourishes skin and coat with fatty acids. Promotes skin rejuvenation to grow a healthy beautiful strong coat. Provides a natural pleasing scent.
Aloe Vera
Heals and repairs skin. Adds natural shine and re-hydrates skin. It penetrates deeply into the skins pours, promoting cell regeneration,revitalizing healthy tissue that promotes healthy coat growth. Aloe deep-cleans the hair and scalp, and leaves the hair truly clean, shiny and smooth. Aloe has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft to rejuvenate the coat by treating it with its similar chemical makeup to keratin. This improves elasticity and prevents breaking. Shampoo with Aloe Vera will strengthen the outer layer of the hair, known as the cuticle, and give the hair a shiny reflective, more uniform appearance.
Soybean Oil Vitamin E
Promotes hair growth and adds strength. Adds luster to the coat.


 Pure Paws H2O Hydrating Mist


Protects skin. Increases suppleness & Shine. Protects hair from heat damage. Works to smooth down the cuticle of the hair to prevent frizzy flyaway coat.
Pure Paws H2O Hydrating Travel Kit
Introducing the Pure Paws H2O Line: The H2O line was developed to perfectly hydrate & repair dry skin and coats.
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  • H2O Shampoo
  • H2O Conditioner
  • H2O Hydrating Mist


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