The Volumizing Foam is great for adding texture, volume and holding power. This non-alcohol foam helps with the look you need while protecting the coat. This specially formulated product is a combination of the holding power of a gel with the thickness of moose. The Volumizing Foam adds remarkable lift, fullness and body to any coat that needs that extra thickness. An essential product for bodifing and texturizing. Double coats, harsh coats, terrier coats and poodle coats will all find this product useful when working with the coats prior to show. The foam has the unique ability to allow you to build up texture in areas where you need it most. After bathing the dog apply Volumizing Foam to the coat and work through. Add extra foam to areas that require more volume or texture. After applying the foam, dry the coat. For extra volume always remember to dry in the opposite direction of the coat growth


The Ultra Volumizing Spray Gel is specially formulated for maintaining healthy hair. Combining the holding power of a gel with the even distribution of a fine mist spray; the Volumizer adds remarkable lift, fullness & body. An essential product for bodifing, texturizing and creating volume in the coat without alcohol damage.




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